About SeedSpotter


SeedSpotter was founded at the end of 2014 in Amsterdam, Netherlands, by a small group of insiders who wondered why it is still such a hassle to find the best possible quality cannabis seeds online.

Knowing many great seedbanks from the Netherlands and abroad, and having some good hands-on experience with webprojects, it was only a matter of time before SeedSpotter was born.

At the beginning of 2015, after some creative months of preparations and selecting our first seedbanks and growshops, SeedSpotter.com was launched. Our other language sites in Dutch, German, French and Spanish were launched soon after.

SeedSpotter compares relevant information and prices from cannabis seedsseedbanks & growing equipment from a wide choice of international retailers and brands.

We are pleased to offer our community comprehensive information about seeds and growing culture.  Even more, we strive to give you the best choice & the best price offers when looking for quality seeds, growshop equipment, inspiring books and cool headshop supplies online.

We are always focused to provide our clients with the best offers available on the internet!

SeedSpotter is a project by:

SpotterCompany BV
The Netherlands
Chamber of Commerce number: 60521422