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About Storz & Bickel

In 1996 Markus Storz began with the development of vaporizers and filed a patent for the removable balloon of the "Volcano Inhaler" in 1998 followed by the patent filed in 2000 for his invention of the heating block as a heat exchanger for "hot air extraction inhalers". In the same year, the company "Vapormed Inhalatoren" was founded and the production and sale of the Volcano Vaporizer starts. Jürgen Bickel was one of the first customers.

In 2002 Storz & Bickel was founded. Markus Storz and Jürgen Bickel became business partners. The company has been certified as a manufacturer of high quality vaporizers according to DIN EN ISO 9001.

Today Storz & Bickel presents itself as an innovative, growing company with offices in Germany and United States.


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