Overview of all shops offering quality products and goods for our SeedSpotter growshop. Make your choice between suppliers for grow lights, grow tents, hydroponic systems, quality testers & nutrients and fertilisers.

Or enjoy our practical books and reference guides about cannabis & homegrow culture.

  • Amazon


    Amazon started as an online bookstore, but soon diversified, selling other products.

  • Bloomshop


    Bloom Shop specializes in the most renowned plant nutrient lines.

  • BOL


    Online bookshop for books, dvd's and other products.

  • Dealzer


    Dealzer sells online hydroponics systems, grow boxes, grow tents, led grow lights and more.

  • Dorm Grow

    Dorm Grow

    Dorm Grow LED is a direct distributor of G8LED Lighting Company.

  • EcoGardenShop


    EcoGardenShop is an international webshop, offering a wide range of supplies for gardening and related items.

  • EU Gardencenter

    EU Gardencenter

    Whether you are looking for a growtent or lighting, EU Gardencenter Europe will guarantee the lowest price!

  • Hydroponics Hut

    Hydroponics Hut

    Hydroponics Hut is among one of the first companies in the world to offer LED grow lights directly to consumers.

  • SuperCloset


    SuperCloset is a manufacturer of fully automated grow cabinets, grow rooms, and hydroponic grow systems.

  • Udopea


    Udopea offers growshop & headshop items like growboxes, growlights, bongs, pipes and smoking accessories.