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Flying Dutchmen Seeds was founded in 1988 in Amsterdam, Netherlands, by famous cannabis guru and grower Eddie. With dozens of years of hands-on experience and knowledge of cannabis seeds and culture, Eddie decided to turn his original retail outlet into a professional seeds business. With his new wholesale company he was able to share his knowledge with the world, and make his high quality cannabis genetics worldwide available under his own brandname.

Eddie is one of the select band of cannabis enthousiasts who were responsible for nearly all classic Dutch cannabis strains that made Holland worldfamous as a leading cannabis genetics developer. By testing and cloning tens of thousands of plants in local greenhouses, they managed to become the world's best seed growers.

Flying Dutchmen offers a wide range of popular cannabis varieties at affordable prices.


Flying Dutchmen

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Oudezijds Achterburgwal 131
1001 EZ Amsterdam
The Netherlands

Amsterdam (Noord-Holland)

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  • 31-10-2016
  • Author: Michel

Graines power skunk

J'ai essayé dix graines power Skunk de Flying Dutchmen. Heureusement, ils ont tous fait germer bien, et a grandi dans quelques bonnes plantes. Bien qu'il y ait encore une certaine odeur, ils étaient tout à fait facile de garder à l'intérieur sans odeur reconnaissable dehors ma place.

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