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Nirvana's history goes back to the end of the 1980s, when Nirvana's founder was working at Positronics, the legendary Amsterdam grow shop. It was there that he attained the knowledge and inspiration to start his own cannabis seed business.

He spent years travelling, seeking out and collecting marijuana seeds from the finest strains available. More years went into experimenting, growing, cross-breeding and developing new cannabis strains, from which the very best were selected for Nirvana's range of first-rate hybrids.

In 1995 Nirvana was officially founded. From its origins as a cannabis seed specialist, while continually improving and extending its range of first-rate cannabis seeds, Nirvana has also developed a range of unique hemp products. Besides Nirvana's own homebrewed hemp wine and hemp beer, you can buy an assortment of original products such as hemp vinegar, hemp ice tea or "Eva's Paradijs" hemp liqueur.



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Nirvana B.V.
St. Antoniebreestraat 14
1011 HB Amsterdam

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  • 19-02-2017
  • Author: Pip


Beste, rasberry cough heeft een goede kiemkracht, ik had 10 op 10! Nu nog wat geduld om te weten hoeveel dames erbij zitten, bedankt nirvana

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