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Based in Girona, Spain, Philosopher Seeds is active in breeding seedstrains since the 90's. As a group of experienced growers, they teamed up with Alchimia Grow Shop to start Philosopher Seeds in the year 2008 to research, develop and breed quality genetics.

Thanks to its close collaboration with different groups of fellow cannabis breeders, Philosopher Seeds offers several interesting seed lines: the Classic Line Collection originating from Alchimia, autoflowering strains by the OSG Collective, the Golo line by Reggae Seeds and Philosopher's own experimental Test Line of new cannabis seeds.

Philosopher Seeds keeps improving their seed catalogues by optimising or removing less popular varieties.


Philosopher Seeds

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Philosopher Seeds
C/ Llevant, 32 - Polígono Industrial Pont del Príncep
17469 Vilamalla Girona

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