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Sumo Seeds is a europe based cannabis seeds company and has his roots in Holland. Classic cannabis strains or rare and special marijuana strains are available for consumers or wholesale customers.

After years of research and experience they managed to create a diverse cannabis seeds collection. The research team is always on the road to find that special cannabis strain everybody is looking for. If you are looking for an Indica, sativa or auto flowering strain. Sumo Seeds offers classic strains like White Widow original, Amnesia Ganja Haze and Sumo’s Big Bud.

You also might to check out their special strains like; OG kush (cupwinner Highlife Cup Amsterdam 2015), Goji Haze, Thunderstruck or CBD Cherry Kush.


Sumo Seeds

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Fospan Worldwide SL
Sumo Seeds
Av. de Martí Pujol 121, 4° 4ª
08912 Badalona - Barcelona

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