GHE net-pot

GHE net-pot
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GHE net-pot

This net pot is perfect for the use in hydroponic and aeroponic breeding systems without substrates. Fast growing roots ensures a high crop

If you want to save substrate but want to achieve really good cultivating results in a very short time, you should use this net pot, which you can employ whether in hydroponic or aeroponic systems. Through the airy shape of the net pot, your scions are perfectly provided with air and water. This leads to a very strong root cultivation. You gain large crops within a very short period of time with this pot, because the nutrients are fed directly.

The optimal match for the GHE net pots is the Rainforest 66.

Height: 11,5cm
Diameter: 15 cm
Made of  polypropylen (PP)



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GHE net-pot

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