Common Indica Characteristics

IndicaAll types of cannabis strains and plants have different characteristics which effect their potency, yield and even the way they look. Indica is one of the most common types of cannabis grown around the world, specifically in places such as Afghanistan, Morocco and Tibet. The look of cannabis Indica plants is quite distinct, as they are short and bushy; normally with a darker green colour than some other strains of marijuana. It is common for Indica plants to stay under 6 feet tall, although some plants have reached up to 8 foot. The short and wide fingers of the plant are dark green, normally with a purple tint that becomes more prominent once the plant matures. Most people find that Indica also grows and matures faster than many other plants, with a 6 to 8 week maturing time after flowering. This plant doesn't have any issues maturing in cooler climates, which is what makes it so popular with home growers. When growing Indica it is important to consider odour control, as the plants can produce a strong scent.

Smoking Indica Characteristics

Cannabis Indica is one of the most common marijuana types used for medicinal purposes, due to the deep and relaxing high that it can create. It is thought that this plant can be good for stress relief, relaxation, pain relief and insomnia. Depending on the strength and potency of the Indica grown, this plant can help smokers fall asleep in no time. Indica is also thought to be able to increase appetite and dopamine, as well as decreasing nausea and sickness. The sedative effects are popular with smokers who want a bud that can help them relax and drift off to sleep, so this cannabis type is usually smoked before bedtime. Those planning on growing Indica should know that all seeds and plants will grow differently, so the potency may vary.

Ensure that you find the right Indica cannabis seeds for your purpose by comparing what is on offer, from different seedbanks.