Sativa characteristics

SativaCannabis sativa is probably the most popular type of cannabis. Its strong energising effects on the mind, body and soul are a favourite for both the people who take it for recreational purposes and those who suffer from depression, anxiety and more. It's often recommended by doctors as a medicine for these two as well as many more conditions, which also makes it a top-choice medical cannabis sort.

Knowing the sativa characteristics will help you choose the real sativa over imitations and over the other main Cannabis type - indica. Even when it comes to buying seeds, the facts about each species will help you find the best strain (indica/sativa) you need.

Using your knowledge - Sativa characteristics

Sativa leafCannabis sativa leaves (and the plant itself for that matter) are much thinner and are longer. The very colour of the foliage is lighter. The amounts of THC in the sativa are much higher than they are in the indica variety. This adds to the difference in the high. When it comes to plant height - the sativa can reach up to 20 ft. in just one season. Skipping to the harvest - this sort gives low yields, but strong effects. Much stronger than its indica relative.

The sativa plant is hard to grow at home; this is usually done outside where the plant has enough space to grow healthy and get plenty of natural sunlight. If you want to, however, you can grow it in a grow room, of course. It just needs more space and a tall one that is, so that it could grow healthy and big.

When choosing seeds, you need to be careful. No, you cannot really tell if the seller has given you the right cultivar, but you can know if they're any good by putting them in water, for example, to see if they will float - floating ones are damaged and dead.