Feminized strains

Feminized cannabis strains

The introduction of feminized cannabis seeds has had an enormous positive impact on the marijuana growing movement over the last decade or so. Quite simply, feminized seeds are seeds that only produce female plants, and today, in some European countries, they account for around 90% of seed sales. The advantage that the feminized strains have over the traditional ones is that the grower no longer has to concern themselves with the problem of male plants. Male plants, to the cannabis grower, are simply a waste of space in the garden, and present a risk to the female plants in that they could turn them into nothing more than seed pods. Feminized cannabis seeds are grown just like regular seeds. Grown outside, inside or in a greenhouse, using soil or hydroponics they also have the added advantage of producing a more uniform crop than regular seeds. For the experienced grower, feminized strains have made life easier, and for the beginner, they have quickly become the only way to grow.

Production of feminized seeds

There are various techniques used in the production of feminized cannabis seeds such as STS reversal, hormones and colloidal silver. Every company has their own 'recipe' and the quality of the feminized strains can vary. Marijuana, as a plant, has the ability imprinted in its genomes to 'change sex' as an inbuilt survival mechanism. While some strains have a higher tendency towards hermaphroditism than others, good quality feminized seeds should be close to 100% free of hermaphroditism. Only extreme stress factors, such as an irregular light schedule, an absence of darkness or feeding intoxication, can produce hermaphrodite plants from good quality feminized strains.

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