Grow room humidity

The importance of humidity for cannabis grow room

Growroom humidityYour grow room humidity can play a big part in the health, yield and potency of your cannabis plants. Having too much grow room humidity can cause disease and mildew to spread through your plants, whereas too little can put stress on your plants and prevent them from growing the best they can. By playing it too safe and keeping your growroom humidity low, the final harvest and yield of your plants could be disappointing. It's important to find the right balance of grow room humidity during each stage of the plants' life, so that you get the most from each cycle. The humidity for cannabis grow room plants will vary depending on the strain you're growing and how much of it you're growing in one place! It can be very much trial and error if you're new to growing, so keep a note of the changes you make through each cycle.

Humidity grow room stages

HumidityThere are three main stages of a cannabis plant's life, each of which will have different humidities that work best. The humidity for cannabis grow room plants is basically how much water vapor, in percentage form, can be present in the air. This will be due to the temperature of the grow room and can be measured using a hygrometer and altered using heating and ventilation. Make sure you compare various products from different retailers, in order to find the right equipment for your grow room at the best price. Although growroom humidity will vary for different strains it is genuinely thought that the following is the perfect percentage for each stage: 70-80% for seedling stage, 50-80% for vegetative stage and 40-50% for flowering stage. Keep monitoring your humidity grow room numbers in order to produce the highest quality and the biggest yields, from each plant.