Germinate cannabis seeds

Germinate seeds for planting

Germinate seedsCannabis can be a very satisfactory plant and grow. If you germinate seeds properly, and care for your plants in the correct way, it can be very satisfactory to grow, and later harvest and use these interesting and rewarding plants. You get a variety of different cannabis species, but you can use the same method to germinate seeds and prepare them for planting.

How to germinate cannabis seeds

Germinating seeds is straight forward. You will require tissue paper or cotton wool, two plates (the size depends on how many seeds you want to germinate), water, and a warm place to allow them to grow. Place a thick layer of moist tissue paper or cotton wool on a plate. Place your cannabis seeds on it and make sure to space them out about a finger length apart. Place another layer of moist paper or cotton wool on top of them, and then gently place the second plate on top. Make sure to put your seeds in a warm area that is out of direct sunlight. Check the seed daily to make sure the paper/cotton wool always remains moist, but do not flood it with water as this can drown your germinating seeds.

Growing Cannabis Seedlings

GerminationDepending on the variety of cannabis and also the seedling themselves, you will see them start to split and sprout from as early as 72 hours after you have prepared them for germinating. Some seeds can take up to two weeks to fully germinate. After this period, any seeds that have not shown signs of growing can be discarded. Once your seedlings have sprouted a small green growth of about 5 mm, they are ready for planting. Ensure that you have a planting pot and a suitable medium ready for your cannabis seedlings to grow in.