Growing media

Different growing media for cannabis

Grow mediumsYou get a variety of proven grow mediums that will help your cannabis plant grow and thrive. Most varieties of cannabis species survive and grow fairly well in all of the grow mediums available, and the medium you choose will depend on whether you want your plant to primary grown indoors or outdoors, and how much additional fertiliser and nutrients you intend to provide. Each type of growing medium also has its advantages and disadvantages.

The right grow medium for cannabis

Growing mediaThe type of grow medium that you choose can either by soil based or hydroponic based. Soil based contain natural organic nutrients, and produce healthy, organic plants that take longer to grow, but have more flavour in their leaves. A solid based grow medium will require you to regularly add fertilisers throughout the plant's growth cycle. These include basic fertilisers, peat and blood or bone meal. This medium is usually cheaper than other varieties and easier to manage. The hydroponic based mediums include rockwool, clay pellets and more. They give you a greater variety to choose from and are preferred by more skilled cannabis cultivators. They are rich in nutrients and also make plants grow faster, but can also be a lot more expensive than soil based varieties and require careful management.