What is rockwool

RockwoolRockwool is spun rock that was originally used for insulation, similar to fiberglass, and is also known as stone wool and mineral wool. It is very porous and can come in sheets or rockwool slabs. The spun fiber is very insulting when dry and also good for absorbing water and nutrients. It is used as a hydroponic growing material and has become a popular choice for growing plants, especially in indoor environments and it has proven to produce good yields and healthy plants.

Using Rockwool to grow cannabis

Rockwool slabUsing rockwool to grow cannabis is an excellent way to ensure a good yield and healthy plants. Rockwool slabs come in a variety of different sizes and they have special shapes and holes to accommodate growing plants. They are more environmentally friendly and less expensive than other artificial growing mediums and retain water and minerals very well. The slabs need to just be soaked for twenty four hours to prepare them for use, and after this they are ready to accommodate seedlings and individual plants. They are also usable, making them very economic and easy to use. Plants contained in rockwool slabs are also well supported and easy to move and transport.