Flowering period

Cannabis flowering phase

Flowering cannabisThe flowering phase of cannabis will be different for all the unique strains and families, which means that it could happen within 6 weeks or it could take months. If you're growing plants outside then it tends to be when the days last for around 12-13 hours, whereas indoor growing can be controlled solely by your lighting. Once you've gone through around 1-2 weeks of shorter days, you should start to see some flowering happening within your plants. Now you will be able to tell what the sex of your plant is and get rid of the males and start giving the females some extra TLC. It's important not to rush the flowering phase of cannabis, so look at the characteristics of your particular strain in order to find out when they should be flowering.

Top tips for flowering period

Flowering periodWhen you're sure the cannabis flowering phase has begun it's time to pull out all the stops and take extra special care of your plants. This includes pulling out the males, as mentioned earlier, so that they don't pollinate the female plants. You can usually tell a male or hermaphrodite plant by male pollen sacs which will need to be removed. During the flowering period it is sometimes worth moving your lights or investing in warmer lamps. Most plants will have a growth spurt during the first 3-4 weeks of flowering and some could end up hitting the lighting and getting burnt. Try to keep a large space between plants and lights, to stop this from happening. Finally, you may want to consider switching fertiliser at this point to a bloom type. This type of fertiliser is normally used once the plants have reached maximum size and have started producing buds. Look around at all of the different fertiliser manufacturers to find the right bloom fertiliser for your plants.