Watering & irrigation

Watering cannabis seeds

WateringWhen it comes to growing marijuana plants it is important that they are given enough water and nutrients to keep them strong and healthy. The better you look after your cannabis seedlings the more likely you'll end up with a plentiful and potent yield. It's important to understand when is the right time to be watering marijuana plants along with how much they should be fed. Some people try to rush their harvests by watering their plants too often, but this can cause issues and actually ruin your crop. If your plant is looking dry then it most likely needs water, whereas if the roots are heavy with moisture then it probably doesn't need water! You can use automated methods, such as hydroponic systems, for watering cannabis seeds or just do it yourself. Bottom feeding is the most common way of watering and feeding seedlings, as this gives you a good indication of when to water your plants again.

Feeding cannabis seedlings

Feeding seedlingsThe same as watering your plants, feeding shouldn't be done too often in an effort to speed up growth. In fact over feeding your plants nutrients can cause them to contract diseases or just stop growing altogether. Feeding cannabis seedlings will all depend on the type of grow system you have going, what type of soil you're using and how much the plant typically consumes. Some people feel that once a fornight is more than enough, whereas others will consider feeding their plants more often. Watering and feeding seedlings can take some time to get right, so it may take you a few cycles to understand when your plant needs to be fed and watered next. Ensure you have the right equipment, which may consist of a hydroponic system if you're planning on automating the process. You can compare the types of systems and equipment available, in order to find the method that works best for you, at the price that suits your budget.