Ventilation control for indoor growing

VentilationIt is vital for those considering indoor growing to invest in some form of ventilation control in order to keep your plants healthy. Not only will controlling ventilation ensure a healthy yield, it can also play a big part in removing odours from a grow room, too. Plants absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen, and roots also need oxygen, which means that both carbon dioxide and oxygen must be in good supply. Plants without good ventilation control will soon wither and die, meaning that your whole crop is ruined. A small grow room will be fine with just the opening of a door or window, every day or so. However, if you have a good sized grow room, along with lighting, then you're going to need to invest in a proper ventilation system.

Ventilation for indoor cannabis growing

VentilationThere are several different avenues to go down for ventilation equipment, depending on the size of your grow room and several other variables. One of the most popular methods for controlling ventilation is an extractor fan as this can be used in anything from a grow tent to an entire room. The fan needs to be large enough to exchange oxygen and carbon dioxide in your room once every few minutes; you can find out how big your fan needs to be by measuring the size of your area. As a cheaper option, consider your basic oscillating fan for ventilation control, instead. You may need a couple of these in order for them to be effective in your grow room, but they require less set up and funding. It is always worth comparing what different manufacturers have on offer, as sometimes an extractor fan can cost the same as an oscillating fan. Read through the reviews of what other people are using and find something suitable for your grow room and budget.