Outdoor growing

Growing outdoor

Growing marihuana outdoorOutdoor growing is the most traditional method of growing cannabis, and has been kept almost the same in thousands of years. Depending on the strain of cannabis you wish to grow, growing cannabis outdoor can be a tricky thing to get right; however, with practice this can become a lot easier. In the Northern hemisphere the best time to grow is between April or May until October, whereas the Southern hemisphere will most likely start in September/October. Those who regularly use outdoor growing for their cannabis tend to start their seedlings off indoors, before moving them into their garden or farm. This gives the plants a good headstart, under the right lighting, before being made to survive the outside world. Less equipment is needed for outdoor growing, but you will need to look for stronger strains of cannabis that can stand up to the elements. Also, consider security and how you will keep your plants safe from prying eyes and intruders.

Tips for growing cannabis outdoor

If you're planning on growing weed outdoor then here are some top tips to get you started: It's important to keep things simple when planting outside. Focus on the basics; soil, sun and water.
Maximise your exposure to sunlight by planting the cannabis in an area with good southern exposure.
Look for good quality soil that isn't overpriced. You don't need extremely expensive soil, as this isn't cost effective. Instead compare the prices of a good quality soil with good drainage and nutrients.
Fence in the plants if you want to keep animals (and people) out.
Make deep and large holes in the ground if you want taller and bushier plants; it gives the roots more space to grow.
Don't forget to water your plants regularly, especially if the summer time is quite dry.
There are plenty of things to think about when growing cannabis outdoor, but it shouldn't take too long to get the gist of things. Keep expanding on your knowledge, researching the right equipment and comparing the best seeds and soils for a perfect crop every time.