Measuring pH & EC

Measuring pH & EC in hydroponics

In hydro, soil, aero or any other type of growing, knowing what's the right ratios of both electrical conductivity (EC) and pH (power of hydrogen) is essential for having healthy and fruitful plants. Many researches, as well as personal experience, show that there are some golden rules when it comes to this, but even if you know them, you can't do it properly without the right PH & EC meter.

Which pH meter to use?

PH meterpH Meters measure the alkalinity:acidity ratio within a given medium. They work for soil, coco coir, hydroponics - everything. Choosing the right meter is no simple task. Although some growers (the experienced and adventurous type) would suggest the common aquatics meters, for growing healthy plants you will make best use of a pH pen. From digital to mechanical - there are many types of pens.

One of the nutrients companies has already thought of a way to fix the injustice and let the growers enjoy growing and forget about measuring the pH. Their pH Perfect technology is incorporated in the very hydroponic nutrients they produce. What does this mean? It means that whatever you put into your tank measures and puts the medium into the best ranges for the plant itself (5.5 - 6.3). The company itself claims that this is the result of many scientific researches.


What is EC and how to measure it...the right way

EC is the electrical conductivity of items, means and mediums. In our case, we're talking about the container (tank, pot and so on) where we're growing our cannabis seeds. The EC is measured by either a meter or a whole system of measurement elements. Basically, there are three types of measuring the conductivity - siemens per meter, parts per million or total dissolved solids.

Growing cannabis, no matter the sort, is a hard task and the EC of the growing medium has a great effect on the life and wellbeing of the plant you're growing. Hence, it's important to be in control. Measuring can happen with either an EC meter or a combined EC & PH meter.

And remember - the more nutes, the higher EC readings you'll get.