HPS grow lights

Why choose HPS grow lights?

hps grow lightNew to growing? Here's the deal - every hydroponic growing system needs its own dose of artificial lights. Why? Because most growers do their farming indoors, hidden from malicious neighbourly eyes and others. Thus, a lighting system, which will replace not only the sunlight but also the heat produced alongside, is needed. High pressure sodium bulbs (a.k.a. HPS grow light bulbs) are more powerful and more longlasting than their LED equivalent. On the other hand, they don't have the colourful spectrums that their counterparts do. The only "effect" you will get from HPS grow lights is a bit of a shade in purple, yellow, blue or green. These lights aim to be closest to the real thing and have a better consistency in comparison to the others.

Why is an HPS grow light so cheap?

We usually compare HPS grow lights with LED. LED lights have a better heat management, but HPS grow lights have been around for much longer. Why's that? No, it's not because they're cheaper, but why they're cheaper - they're traditional and harder to use. This said, they are great grow lights and many growers will support this theory. Getting the hang of heat-related negatives is easy once you get the hydro system working. The biggest benefit of this type of equipment is that they are effective, cost less and are less, much less harmful for the plants than a wrongly installed LED system. Also - an HPS grow light is easy to use and set-up.