Choosing seeds

Choosing cannabis seeds

Cannabis seedsCannabis is generally used for recreational purposes but is also legalized as a medicinal plant in many regions including several states in the USA, in Canada, Uruguay and the Czech Republic etc. Being a legal medicine in so many regions, it's important to know where to buy cannabis seeds, so that you can grow the healthiest strains which are the most suitable for your own condition or needs.

Choosing your cannabis seeds can be a dread, sometimes a bit disappointing if you can't germinate them or they give birth to a useless plant. However, if you know your cannabis seeds, then nothing can stop you!

Where to buy cannabis seeds

Online is your best choice - you get images, information from the source and most of all - diversity! Best thing is - you can also get other people's reviews and feedback on what seed is the best as well as some easy-to-remember tips and tricks for buying seeds, how the seller might try to lie to you and what shops to skip when purchasing.

How to choose cannabis seeds

How to choose cannabis seedsHere we go - the real advice on choosing the best quality over useless schwag.

First thing's first - you need to know what sort of cannabis you want to grow. The three most famous ones are indica, sativa and ruderalis, although the latter is mostly used for breeding and making the famous autoflowering marijuana seeds. Indica plants are calming and the high from them is strong and physical. Sativa, on the other hand, causes a certain lightheartedness, energizing and uplifting your spirits. While indica is rich on CBD, sativa has a higher THC concentration. Knowing which sort you need is the first and the very main step you must take before buying seeds. Once there, just follow these guidelines on how to choose your cannabis:

If a seed gives away when pressed with a finger against a flat surface - it's no good.

Dead seeds float in water.

White seeds and very light ones are bad.

Good seeds are dark green or brown and have stripes and marks on them.