Ebb & flow systems

Ebb and Flow hydroponic complete grow systems for cannabis

Hydroponic systemHydroponics is the way to go for those who want to get the most yield out of their light and area. Hydroponics will provide bushier plants and faster growth. The Ebb and Flow complete growsystem floods the roots with a nutrient solution. Ebb and Flow complete grow systems have been proven to be extremely effective over time and require very low maintenance and are easy-to-use.

Ebb and Flow systems are ideal for use with the Sea of Green Method to grow small, bushy cannabis plants. Individual plants are placed in pots of an inert growing medium or rockwool cubes and set onto a specially designed table. This table acts as a growing bed and will contain up to four inches of nutrient solution. The nutrient solution is pumped from a reservoir underneath the growing tables until the water gets to a desired level. Then the nutrients slowly drain back down into a nutrient reservoir. When cannabis plants are flooded from below the water pushes oxygen-poor air out of the top of the bucket.

Hyproponic systemsAn Ebb and Flow complete growsystem is also a cheaper alternative to the Deep Water Culture and other hydroponic systems. However, some more experienced growers use different systems during different stages of cultivation.