Pots & trays

Perfect pots & trays for cannabis growing

Pots & traysCannabis can be very rewarding to grow and harvest, and there are a large variety of different species to choose from. For growing purposes, you need a selection of pots & trays that can be used to help you grow your cannabis from seeds and seedlings, into healthy and fully matured plants that are ready to harvest. Almost all species of cannabis can be grown in the same pots & trays and individual containers are perfect to ensure a good harvest.

Individual cannabis trays and pots

TraysTo ensure a good harvest, it is important to first allow your seedlings to mature in individually spaced trays of about 10cm square each. This allows the plant to have a safe, uncompetitive growing environment and also lets you monitor every seedling individually. Only once the plant has its first set of four leaves, should it be moved to a larger container. Keeping plants individually in a two gallon pot is a great idea as they flower and mature better then planting them in large batches. Individual containers and care works best for a good harvest and this is true from seedlings to fully matured plants.