Drying cannabis

How to dry cannabis

Drying cannabisBefore your cannabis is ready, it's important that it is dried properly in order to ensure high quality product. If you don't dry your marijuana correctly then your product won't store for very long and you'll end up with a useless crop. Drying marijuana doesn't need to be a difficult task, but it will need some practice. There are several ways to do it, most of which have been used for hundreds of years. Chose your favourite method and stick to it; the more you use this method, the easier it will become and the better your cannabis will be! If you want to know how to dry cannabis in small quantities, then screen drying is probably the method for you. Drying lines and cage drying tend to work better for large quantities of marijuana.

Drying marijuana

Once you have decided which method is right for you, it's time to get to work. Ideally you want to start drying marijuana as soon as it has been harvested, in order for it to keep its potency and THC count. Screen drying is the act of spreading all of the buds out on a screen to dry, which obviously needs screen racks (these can be purchased or made). You can use a food dehydrator to stack the screens in and speed up the drying process, too. Drying lines requires the least equipment; effectively just some rope or wire lines that hang from your walls. This is a slow drying process, but can produce a smoother taste for smokers. Cage drying requires the most equipment, in the form of mobile wire cages. This is a great method for those who need to be able to transport their drying marijuana around regularly. Knowing how to dry cannabis isn't something that just happens overnight, it can take time and practice. Invest in all of the right equipment, do your research and then get ready for the harvest.