Aeroponic systems

What are aeroponic systems

Aeroponic systemsAeroponics is the process which allows plants to grow in an environment rich with vapour mist and air without the need for soil. Aeroponic systems are essential when it comes to growing plants indoors. Aeroponic systems work by growing the plants in a semi-closed environment, and spraying the roots of the plants with a nutrient rich vapour, allowing you to grow plants without the need of large or costly natural environments. The advantage of using an aeroponic system over natural methods is that it is cost effective and requires less room to grow.

How to choose an aeroponic system

Choosing the right aeroponic system for you will depend entirely upon how much you want to grow simultaneously. Small 32 plant aeroponic systems can be found in the low range for amateur or first time growers, and can reach the thousands for larger scale growers. There are several major brands, including Amazon, Panda, General Hydroponics, and Aeroflow, all of which offer both budget and professional equipment for growing. The systems are generally good to go, as most come with the appropriate accessories including pumps, pots, manifold injections, and nutrients.