Harvesting marijuana

Harvesting MarijuanaThese days, it's not necessary to own a large loft or greenhouse in order to harvest weed for your own personal use. With the right equipment, even a small space in your home or garden shed will do the job to harvest weed just as well. Once your marijuana plants have grown to a stage that you are happy with, then it's time to begin harvesting marijuana. How to harvest marijuana is fairly straightforward.

When to harvest marijuana

Deciding when is the best time to begin harvesting marijuana can be tricky, particularly if you are new to this. The tried and tested method is of course to have a look for yourself and decide. Generally the rule of thumb for when to harvest your weed is if at least between 40 and 70 percent of the white hairs on the plant have began to blacken and curl. The more hairs that darken and curl before harvesting will usually create a more calming effect within the plant.

How to harvest marijuana

Drying marijuanaAfter you are happy with the level of growth in your plants, it's time to begin harvesting your marijuana. First and foremost, wear rubber gloves before you harvest weed, otherwise it will be days before you get the sap off your hands. Many growers tend to cut the plant into a single piece when harvesting marijuana, however cutting it up into several smaller pieces will create a larger surface for the plants to dry. Once your plant is thoroughly dried out, take a pair of scissors of garden clippers and cut the buds off at the stem. Trimming away the tips of the leaves will reduce the harsh taste when smoked. Once trimmed, get some empty jars and place the buds inside, and store in a cool dry place with no light, this will produce a more pleasant taste.