Grow light reflectors

What are grow light reflectors?

Grow light reflectorsGrow light reflectors are useful for indoor growers, in order to make the most of the lighting available in a grow room. Those who use grow light reflectors will then not have to invest in so many grow lamps, which makes this a cost effective option; especially for larger grow rooms. You can move the grow light reflector around the room, to create better reflection from the grow lamps onto your plants. Reflectors are a great choice for those with large grow rooms, or smaller grow rooms that don't have the budget for lots of grow lamps.

How to pick a grow light reflector

There are lots of types of light reflectors available, all with their own benefits. A lot of growers look for grow light reflectors that have heat shields, to stop them from overheating and potentially damaging the plants. You can find a grow light reflector that can be used with HPS, ballasts or Envirolites, depending on what works best for you. Make sure you do your research and discover what will work best in your particular grow room.

Once you know what you need, compare the prices and the reviews to find the best products.