Carbon filters

Eliminate weed smells with carbon filters

Carbon filtersThere are few odours that marijuana-lovers (and even some haters) adore more than the sweet and pungent scent of a plant as it flowers. Nonetheless, as sweet as it smells, it's the kind of thing that can attract attention from nosey neighbours, unexpected callers and, in the worst case, our friends the boys in blue. A widely used method of eliminating this unfortunate odour is with the use of carbon filters. Activated carbon is a miraculously purifying agent that removes smells by simply neutralising them. A carbon filter works by neutralising the air which passes through it.

Clean up your grow room air

Carbon filters can be applied to a grow room easily. Usually in the form of a specialised drinks-can shaped carbon-filled filter which is then attached to an incline fan, the air is pulled through the fan and through the carbon filter to the outside of the building. Once treated, the air is pure and fresh smelling, and a grower can rest easy. Experienced growers will tell you that a carbon filter is an absolute must for any grow room. Get a great deal on carbon filters at