Topping and pruning

Topping and pruning Cannabis plants

Topping plantsTopping and pruning cannabis plants are techniques that growers use to alter a plants growth patterns. When you top and prune cannabis plant it is important to do so carefully. Here, we provide some tips on topping and pruning cannabis plants to ensure a healthy harvest!


Pruning refers to the removal of dead and unwanted foliage. Pruning off the old yellowing leaves will help to preserve the health of the cannabis garden. However, healthy leaves should never be pruned. Pruning will also concentrate the growth of certain favoured parts of the plant. It will also help to prevent the spread of diseases. Pruning will slow the plants growth for a few days as it recovers. It is best to snip or cut while pruning your cannabis plants. It is important to be careful to over prune your plants as this can lead to plant shock, which can cause stunted growth and may even kill your plant.


Topping refers to the cutting off the top shoots of your cannabis plants. You can pinch, clip or snip off the tallest shoots or freshest shoots. It is best to cut the stem of a branch just below the last fully developed node. This will ensure that the plant starts developing fresh branches at the remaining nodes. This technique will help keep your plants short and bushy. You can also develop many top colas instead of just one. However, you should never top your plants more than twice and do not top any plants while they are in the flowering stage.


BendingBending either the branches or entire plant is a great way to ensure your plant's new buds and branches grow horizontally. It will also maximise space in your grow room. To do this carefully pull down the branches of your plants and tie them using soft hemp string or cloth. Getting into the habit of topping and pruning cannabis plants regularly is essential for successful plat growth. These topping and pruning techniques will help you enjoy a healthy and plentiful harvest of marijuana when it comes to picking time.