Using pH meters for healthy cannabis plants

PH metersIt is vital to maintain the correct pH levels to ensure that you have healthy and strong cannabis plants. Using pH meters is the best way to administer a pH test and to ensure that your plants have a balanced and stable growing environment. There are a variety of different pH meters for you to choose from that allow you to easily and accurately administer a pH test to ensure you are growing healthy cannabis.

Why pH test?

PH testUsing a pH meter to test your cannabis plant is vital to growing a healthy crop and should be done regularly. Fluctuation in pH can cause your plants to wilt, make them susceptible to diseases, stunt their growth, as well as affect the final yield of your crop. A pH meter should be used to test the water you use for your cannabis crop, as well as to individually pH test the growing medium of your plants. This ensures that the roots are not affected by poor pH levels. This test should be administered weekly, or more regularly until you have stabilised your plants growing environment to ensure optimum growth and a good crop.